The real estate community Seibold oHG

All payments are free of charge to the property community Seibold oHG, Villa Jagdschloss & amp; Elisenhof to accomplish. A deposit of 25% of the rental price is due within 14 days, only after receipt of the deposit amount there is a right to the booking made. The remaining amount is payable 14 days before your arrival.

For bookings made less than 30 days before departure, the entire rental price must be transferred immediately. Reservations made at short notice are binding on both sides after written confirmation by the Grundstücksgemeinschaft Seibold oHG, even without prior receipt of the rental payment.

If you do not have our general booking conditions when you register by telephone, you will receive them with our written booking confirmation / invoice. If you do not contradict this within 2 days of receipt, in the case of short-term bookings - immediately - the booking contract has come into being based on these conditions.

The real estate community Seibold oHG grants the tenant a valid right of withdrawal at any time. The declaration of withdrawal must be made in writing.
The decisive factor is the receipt of the declaration of rescission by the Landsgemeinschaft Seibold oHG. In the event of rescission, the tenant has to pay compensation for the arrangements and expenses made. The amount of the compensation claim is determined by the proximity of the time of withdrawal to the agreed start of the journey and is staggered as follows:

59 - 30 days before arrival 30% of the rental price
29 - 07 days before arrival 50% of the rental price
06 - 01 days before arrival 80% of the rental price

In the event of non-occupancy without cancellation or withdrawal on the day of arrival, 90% of the rental price.
In the event of early departure during the stay, 100% of the rental price

In the event of a no-show without prior cancellation or withdrawal on the day of arrival, 90% of the rental price will be invoiced (whereby the tenant reserves the right to provide evidence of lower damage). In the event of withdrawal or rebooking before the stated withdrawal deadline, a processing fee of € 75.00 will be charged. In principle, the fee for a cancellation is at least € 75.00. Rebookings that fall within the staggered deadline are deemed to be withdrawal with a subsequent new registration.

The real estate community Seibold oHG recommends taking out travel cancellation insurance! On request, we will send you a corresponding insurance form.

The days of arrival and departure are freely selectable throughout the year. An exception is made for our apartments, whose arrival days in the main season are limited to Friday, Saturday or Sunday for organizational reasons. Minimum booking duration: high season 5 nights, mid and low season no restriction.

Each apartment and / or room may only be occupied by the reserved number of people. With a higher number of people, the calculation is based on the valid price list. This also applies to pets in the Villa Jagdschloss.

We ask for your understanding that pets are not allowed in the Elisenhof, out of consideration for our house guests with animal allergies!
Bringing pets into the Villa Jagdschloss requires prior agreement.

The tenant is responsible for all damage caused by the tenant. He is responsible for the rental property during the rental period and undertakes to keep it in a tidy and clean condition and to hand it over swept clean at the end of the rental period. The tenant bears his own risk in the event of improper handling of the inventory made available. The property community Seibold oHG is not liable for damaged luggage, cars and pets, as well as personal injury. Parents are responsible for their children.

In principle, the tenant can assume that he will find a well-kept and orderly rental property upon arrival. Should the tenant nevertheless have complaints about his vacation home, Mr. and Mrs. Pflug or their team in the local offices of the Seibold property community are available to deal with the problem. If the problem is still not resolved in individual cases, a written complaint must be submitted to the administration at the latest within 7 days of the return trip. Later complaints can no longer be considered

The community Seibold oHG is only liable for breaches of duty in the event of willful intent or gross negligence. Further compensation is excluded. The Landsgemeinschaft Seibold oHG is entitled to provide a replacement apartment in exceptional cases or in the event of force majeure.

Status January 2022